I-579 Cap Urban Connector Project: Bridging a Critical Gap to Revitalize the Hill District

FY 2016 TIGER Discretionary Grant Application

The I-579 Cap Project will provide for a structure over a portion of the below-grade I-579 Crosstown Boulevard highway. The 3-acre Cap is a “ladders of opportunity” project for the economically disadvantaged Hill District community. The Cap will be transformative for the Hill District by removing a physical barrier and re-establishing connectivity to centers of employment, education and services in Downtown Pittsburgh. The Cap will create convenient and accessible pedestrian and bicycle pathways that will connect to a transit and free subway system in Downtown. The Cap will revitalize the Hill District by providing for the safe movement of commuters and residents, and supporting public and private development.

Attachment 1: Narrative
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Project Information Sheet (Excel File Download)
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Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA)
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Lower Hill Planning Documents
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Funding Acknowledgments; Land Appraisal
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Project Engineering Documents; Site Control
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Related Planning Documents of Hill District
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Federal Wage Rate Certification
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Letters of Support
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Related Information